Attack on Titan- Episode 15


I’m in love with Levi for some reason. Not the Jeans, the short guy.

This week’s episode is mostly a build-up and character introduction episode but Attack on Titan has these episodes down to a science because this one was still entertaining even without some action. We also see how the Survey Corps operate which I’m excited to see more of the next coming episodes.


Don’t ride a horse and talk at the same time. This can ruin Bad-A introductions.

The Survey Corps travel to their old headquarters which is a Castle that was abandon. The Survey Corps don’t use it anymore cause it was too far from the wall and the outside where they do expeditions so they abandoned it. But this dusty Castle is the perfect place to hide Eren from the rest of the Wall residents. We get introduced to the colorful soldiers of the Survey Corps Special Operation squad who are lead by Levi (Jeans…sorry I had to get that joke in one last time). Okay, I’m going to attempt to do these stats correctly…

Survey Corp Special operation squad Stats:

  • Auruo Bossard- 39 solo kills, 9 assists.
  • Eldo Gin- 14 solo kills, 32 assists
  • Petra Ral- 10 solo kills, 48 assists
  • Gunter Schultz- 7 solo kills, 40 assists

You may notice a lot of assists instead of more solo kills but not everyone can be monsters like Mikasa and Levi. Assists are very important in combat and shows excellent skills in teamwork. Also, Petra saying,” I wish you bit through your tongue and died.” made her on top of my favorite characters list.


Actual Disney Princess.

The castle is a mess due to it being unused for a long time and oh course this doesn’t fly with Mr.Clean Freak Levi. The soldiers get to work cleaning the Castle top to bottom and settling in. Eren reports back to Levi that he’s done cleaning and Levi like anyone mother (omg I typed this on a whim but this is so true…he’s worst than my mother!) tells him he’ll inspect his work to see if he’s actually done. He lets Eren know he’ll be staying in the basement again because if he lost control that will be the best place to handle the situation aka kill him. He leaves and Eren seems like he’s left in awe. Petra picks up on his disappointment; classic expectations vs. reality. Eren is just shocked that Levi follows orders so easily, he would’ve thought he would rebel more. But Petra tells him that he has respect for Erwin and before Erwin recruited him in the Scouting Legion, he was a big name in the underground. Like any mother, Levi comes back and ruins the mood by telling Eren to go redo cleaning his room.



Mike and Erwin are in the Commander quarters and they’re discussing plans.  Erwin decides that in a couple weeks they’re going to head out on a expedition outside the wall. Mike worries that this is too early but Erwin tells him that they must convince the rest of the world that this “Humanity’s last Hope,” thing is actually going to work. But Mike sees through Erwin and knows there’s another reason for his plans. Hmmmmm…


LOL why is Levi drinking from his cup like this?!

Its coffee time for the rest of the Legion and word gets out about the plans. The others are worried that its too early to head out with the new recruits (Squad 104th) and military is probably still recovering from the loses. Levi reassures them that Erwin most definitely thought this plan through, again showing his trust. The conversation shifts to Eren and the soldiers try to get a better understanding on Eren’s Titan powers. When, he starts explaining how he transforms he pauses for a moment and wonders,” Wait…how do I know this?”


I feel like this question is REALLY important.

Referring to knowing to bite inbetween his thumb to transform. I believe another blogger questioned this before, something along the lines,” It seems pretty covenant that Eren knows how to transform all of a sudden.”  I thought it was weird too. Was it natural instinct or did he turn into a Titan before and he just can’t remember? Something along the lines of muscle memory. Something earlier in the show still bothers me, the flashback of Eren’s father injecting him with who know what which I believe is the origin of his powers. Also, this is when his Father gives him that key and tells him to go to the basement to find out the truth. When did this take place? Where the heck is his father? And then, why did his father inject him with that serum? I think the most important question out of these are is the “when,” cause that distortion of time is still bothering me… Also, I said I read the manga but I promise I’m not spoiling you guys, this is still unanswered and it frustrates me to no end! More questions answered…a buttload more appear….


Hachi scares the bejezuz out of me.

A wild Hachi appears! (After running into a locked door. Levi’s expression of despair cracks me up.) Hachi comes to visits the Special Ops with a request. She wants Eren to aid her with some experiments she’ll be doing tomorrow. Eren who really isn’t control of actions right now so she asks Levi if Eren doing anything important. Like any Mom, its more chores so Hachi promptly decides Eren will be helping her tomorrow. Eren asks the wrong question and asks what are the experiments he’ll be assisting in. I never seen a room cleared that fast. Cue Hachi’s lengthy explaination of her mad scientist experiments of Titans named Sonny and Bean. I actually felt bad for Sonny and Bean… We learn a little about Titans from this that for one Titans sleep at night or that their motor functions shut-off without sunlight, they don’t need food but still eat humans, some have emotional responses to pain, and it seems even have different personalities. Interesting.


Eren is really adorable and not angry in this episode.

Eren is baffled by her attitude towards Titans, he can’t understand how she can be so excited around them. She tells him that she tries to take a different attitude about Titans because everyone else see them with such anger but with her different mindset, she can get more results out of her experiments. Eren digs himself into a hole after coming to respect her, he asks about the details of the experiment. RIP Eren.


Hey, little shorty let me whisper in your ear~

After, Hachi talked Eren into the afterlife from night to morning, a soldier rushes in and say that Sonny and Bean was killed in the middle of the night. (Nooooooooooo…Sonny!!! Bean!!!) Hachi is distraught and everyone is in shock. Supposedly, a some soldiers killed the Titans and left on 3D gear before they could stop them. Levi tells Eren they showed leave, its in the military police hands now. But before he can, Erwin whispers into his ear and asks,” What do you see?” Eren confused by the statement, looks at him and wonder. Erwin apologizes after seeing his reaction and leaves with Levi. Hmmmm…did Eren see something we can’t see or does Erwin? Erwin didn’t really catch my interest in the manga but the anime is dropping a lot of hints…Erwin seems to know a lot more than he lets on.


See you next week!

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